ALMA is a solution that allows to manage in an integral way a logistic warehouse of any typology, this solution allows to control a product from its entrance to the warehouse to its exit, taking into account the own characteristics of each product like batches, expirations, etc.

The solution we offer eliminates operational errors and optimizes all logistic resources.

ALMA is presented as a standard adaptable and parameterizable software package that can be adjusted to all types of warehouses, especially to solve the logistics problems of small and medium companies.

Features of warehouse management software

Much of the system works through mobile terminals and with very well defined operations and adaptable to any warehouse, customizable and expandable.

A strict user control that allows you to set the operations and queries that each user can make, and have a record of operations log per user.

The whole system is centralized and is able to manage several warehouses, different types of locations and is integrable with an ERP.

Warehouse management system functionalities

ALMA allows all the necessary functionalities for the good management of a warehouse, but it also allows new functionalities to be created according to the peculiarities of each company.

Warehouse management

What does ALMA provide to improve logistics management?

Logistic management

The return on investment

Return investment

Process optimization and automation

What does process optimization bring?

• Significant cost reduction

• Agility throughout the production chain

Reduction in costs in stocks

• Saving in process time, therefore saving in staff time

• Effectiveness, efficiency and quality in processes

• Ease of user learning

• Reduction of human errors

Graft of ALMA warehouse management software

User interface

Hardware for identification and logistics

Terminales moviles

Wifi Access Point Infrastructure

Infraestructura wifi

Infraestructura Wifi
Access Point

Impresión de etiquetas

Label printing with thermal transfer printers and RFiD

Recepcion y ubicacion producto

Reception and location of finished product

By reading the barcodes of the finished product, the warehouse is entered.

ALMA proposes a location depending on the product or its characteristics.

Multiple warehouses with different location characteristics can be set.




Location Management

ALMA allows you to create different warehouses as well as being able to make movements among them.

Locations can be for specific products.

For each warehouse, ALMA can set and define multiple locations of different characteristics.

Locations can be blocked.

Gestión ubicaciones

Product labeling and reprinting

This unit allows you to label an unidentified product, or re-label a product.

Picking labels can be created.

Total and partial inventories

Inventories can be by full warehouse or by locations.

Inventory information can be retained and differences can be contrasted.

Inventories can be made through mobile devices.

Inventarios totales y parciales

Stock control

Graphic and statistical information is available on the occupancy capacity of the warehouses, product rotation, etc.

With ALMA, you can consult the stock of the warehouses in real time.

Gestión stock Almacén

Order preparation (Picking)

Preparación pedidos almacénPending orders can be viewed via a mobile terminal with WiFi.

The terminal proposes the different products of the order in preparation and their location according to the preset criteria, such as expiration or proximity.

ALMA communicates with the customer’s ERP for the exchange of information on orders, products, etc.

Shipment of goods and control of transport cargo

Through this unit, procedures are established to ensure that the transport is carried out correctly and without errors.

Reports and graphical information for global system management

This unit allows the printing of all types of reports.

The graphic information of ALMA allows you to give a fast and global vision of the performance of the warehouse.

The system permits to have the control of the basic traceability of the product.

Graficos almacén

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