Traceability system for industrial kitchen

Trazabilidad cocina industrial

COOK is a solution that allows you to control and manage the total traceability of all
the raw, semi-finished and elaborated materials of an industrial kitchen.

This software allows to control from the entrance of the product, its elaboration,
storage and sale or distribution of the final product.

Likewise, it implements the necessary internal processes for a good management:
kitchen orders, picking control, and load and / or delivery control.

Solución de trazabilidad de cocina industrial

The implementation of a central data system is necessary, in which different automatic reading devices, data capture, terminals with touch screens, etc., will be connected to interact with the user.

General characteristics of the system

System functionalities

COOK has all the functionalities shown in the following diagram, to ensure the proper management of traceability in an industrial kitchen.

These modules can be purchased and customized individually, according to customer needs.

Traceability system for industrial kitchen

Hardware required in the project

Terminales moviles

Android and iOs mobile data capture terminals

Infraestructura wifi

WiFi Access Point infrastructure

Impresión de etiquetas

Label printing with thermal transfer printers

Pantallas táctiles

Touch screens and automatic reader


The most appropriate technology is applied according to the project: RFID, NFC, Bar Code, Laser marking, etc.

Reception and location of raw materials

Ubicacion materias primas

Specific module for the control of inputs and storage of raw materials, assigning it a purchase batch and relabeling it if necessary.

If the raw materials stock control module is available, it will be registered in the stock and stored in the appropriate place.

To enter a material, it will be compared with the purchase order, the product’s labeling data will be checked and it will be taken into account for cost control.

Reception and location of finished product

Once the product has been made, a reading of the corresponding label is made to register it in the finished product warehouse, relating it to all the raw materials used in its production, as well as keeping the traceability of all the batches assigned to the product.

Recepcion y ubicacion del material terminado

Management of product sheets / scandals

The objective of the product sheets and / or scandals is to have a BOM (list of materials that make up a finished product) of a finished material: semi-finished or final product, to be able to discount the raw material to elaborate the production, make a forecast of purchases and calculate the cost of production.

Gestion fichas productos

The system has a manager of product sheets / scandals according to the client’s specifications.

It is necessary to define the ingredients of the elaborated product with their respective information of gross weight, net weight, with their corresponding losses. Information necessary for calculating costs.

Ingredientes cocina

Product labeling and reprinting

All stored product must be correctly labeled to have a correct control of traceability and stock.

In the case of not being correctly labeled, the system will print the correct labels.

The finished product labels will be printed as the corresponding kitchen order is completed. If a shipping label is required, it would be done at the time of picking or sale.

Total and partial inventories (WiFi or Batch)

To have real information on the stock, it can be very useful to have this utility that periodically carries out a total or partial inventory of the finished product and raw material.

Inventario cocina industrial
Inventario cocina industrial parciales o totales

The system allows partial or total inventories, by location, by family, by product, etc.


This module, like all of them, can be customizable.

Stock control

The system has stock control tools, which can inform the user of:


  • Product with insufficient stock
  • Product about to expire or expired
  • Total products by locations

Kitchen management

The elaboration of the product is carried out based on previously planned work orders.

Once an order is finished, it allows you to print the corresponding labels for each product.

Work orders can be made from specific orders or independently.


The work order indicates the product to be produced, the quantity and the expected date, among other information.

In the calendar you can select the orders to be produced for each day and launch the orders for their production.

The system can check the existence of raw materials available for processing.

Gestión de cocina

Product production control

In the elaboration of a product, a production order can be selected from a touch screen and through a fixed reader that reads the raw materials to be used or enters manually.

The system will subtract the corresponding quantities of product according to the number of each finished product and assign the corresponding batch to the final product.

The system will indicate the necessary ingredients, quantities, etc.

Control elaboración producto

The lists of the product to be made can be grouped by family, packaging or specific product specifications.

COOK separates the status of each order in colors: pending, in preparation and finished.

Control of shipments

Based on the orders, the system controls which product is assigned to each order and each customer, in this way the traceability of the product is completed.

For this, a product picking is carried out according to the sales order and, if necessary, a dispatch or picking label is generated. Optionally, a specific control of transport load and/or delivery of material to customer can be carried out.

Control de expediciones

Production planning

This module allows you to create kitchen orders based on pending orders, delivery dates, and production days with the aim of optimizing storage, kitchen resources and picking management.

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