CODELAB is a software that allows you to create all kinds of label designs easily for the user.

This software incorporates all the most used bar code typology on the market (1D and 2D), with a wizard to create codes with international GS1 regulations for both GS1-128 and GS1 Datamatrix. It also has an automatic printing module so it can be managed from an external system, as well as an SDK library for printing labels integrated into third-party programs. Being developed by us, it allows us to adapt perfectly to new needs that may arise, both customer specifications and new regulations.

The wide variety of bar code typologies allows labels to be designed for all sectors of the industry: pharmaceutical, food, automotive, etc.

CODELAB also allows you to incorporate date and time fields in different formats, as well as visual objects such as lines, boxes, • images and images in different formats (BMP, JPG, PNG).

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CODELAB can connect to external databases to print labels by selecting a record or range of records.

Our software is compatible with all types of printers on the market, as it prints through the Windows driver. In the case of SATO printers, in addition to the driver, the ability to send escape codes to be able to print date-time from the printer or record RFID is incorporated.

CODELAB is integrated as a design and printing module in the innovative NEXUS ID platform, which allows the management of products and label formats that simplify the tasks of multi-format and multi-language printing, much needed in the food industry.

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It is distributed with the following types of licenses:

Type License


The PrintOnly license, as its name implies, only allows label printing from the selection of a format or can be used as automatic printing.


The Lite license has the biggest limitation that it can only print on one printer and does not have database access.


The Professional license is the most standard, allows you to have up to 5 printers configured and has an automatic printing module.


The Enterprise license is the most widespread, has no limitations on the number of printers and has an automatic printing module.

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