INCOD ID technological solutions offers software solutions for product identification, monitoring and traceability.

It is a company with more than 20 years of experience in the field of identification and traceability, carrying out projects in various sectors (food, pharmaceutical, logistics, automotive, etc.).

• Custom software development applying RFID technology.

Development of labeling and / or marking software for all types of production lines.

• Development of data capture software for all types of mobile devices (PDA, TabletPC, mobile telephony, etc.).

• Development of identification software using barcode reader and artificial vision.

Development of utilities for warehouse management software (support for ERP, SGA, etc.).

We specialize in implementation and automation of identification and traceability processes.

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NEXUS ID is an ASP.Net MVC 5 based platform, which has a web-based user interface that allows you to associate a tag format with a product. It manages, views label formats, prints labels on networked printers, views the status of print jobs, and more. NEXUS ID keeps production equipment with the software always up to date.

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NEXUS ID centralizes the administration of labeling and traceability data from a single management panel. It associates different label formats with products, previews and edits label information from the same platform.

Etiquetaje y trazabilidad

NEXUS ID keeps production equipment with the software always up to date.

It assists in the management of multi-language labels and specific industries such as the Chemical Industry with degrees of risk, Food with allergenic ingredients, Automotive with engineering data, and any type of information required by the customer.

Etiquetas y trazabilidad

NEXUS ID allows it to be managed from Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices.

NEXUS ID shows the reports made of production by hours, days, months and years for greater control and management of production. If an automatic applicator system is available, it displays the OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) indicator in graphical format.

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