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We Develop Ideas

We are specialists in software solutions for the identification, monitoring and traceability of products.

Development of custom made software for the identification and traceability that establishes the regulation GS1 (EAN128).

Development of custom made software applying RFID technology.

Development of labeling and marking software for any production line.

Development of data collection software for any mobile device (PDA, Mobile Telephone, etc..)

Development of identification software using barcode readers and computer vision.

Utility development for warehouse management software (ERP, SGA, etc..).


We are specialized consultants in any software solution.

Implementation of products identification and traceability system.

Process automation of identification and traceability.

Research and development (R+D+I) of new products and technologies.

After-sales service
Presential and telephonic support
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Courses / Formation

We give specific courses on regulations of identification and traceability.

Basic concepts of barcodes.

Products codification regulations depending on the sector.

Data structure of GS1-128 (EAN128).

Data structure of GS1-Datamatrix

RFID technology.

Courses for computer programmers

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